Spontaneous Exposures

Customer Comments
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"What a gift to get to see yourself before you even took your first breath! The pregnancy album was great, but the birth album contains photographs that capture the shear joy of this miraculous experience. These photographs are absolutely priceless to us!!" Stephanie

"It has been 11 years & and they still make me smile when I pass them on the walls." Tanya

"I enjoyed the photography session. It felt special and personal to create such special once in a lifetime memories to remember my pregnancy." and "It is so special to me to have such beautiful pictures to represent one of the most important times in my life!" Bridget

"You don't notice Carol during the labor and birth process. Both times we have used Carols services, we have had multiple comments about how discreet and in the shadows she is. The end result is tons of spellbinding, amazing moments captured forever on film because the subjects are completely themselves!" Sarah

" We used Carol for my sons birth and couldn't wait to have her photograph our daughters. We have both video and pictures. Both are nice but the pictures are priceless. They tell a beautiful story of my childrens birth. When my children get older, they will get the unique experience of witnessing for themselves what their own birth was like through your beautiful photos." Amy

"Birth is the most powerful and transformative phase of a womans life. To see it from the perspective of an outsider documenting this transition only added to the experience." Jennifer

"I was very unsure of having Carol take pictures for me and not because of her, but because I am very modest. I did change my mind and had her take my pregnancy pictures & childbirth pictures. I am so glad I did. I realized that it's not all about the mother, it's about the birth and story of your child being born." Jamie